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1986 horror has a simple plot…a group of sorority sisters host an initiation for three pledges in an abandoned, haunted fraternity house. Once accepted into the sorority, the trio are tasked with setting up an April Fools Day costume party in that very same house…and of course, things turn deadly.

Directed by William Fruet (Blue Monkey) from a script by Barney Cohen, this is a silly, fun 80s slasher, thought it offers nothing new. The flick predates, Night of the Demons, by two years with it’s plot of college kids partying in an abandoned building and catching hell for it, literally. The 80s fashions and music abounds and the cast of mostly unknowns are attractive and adequate for this type of flick. The kills are fairly routine, the make-up FX work well enough and the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, as it is well aware it’s story of a vengeful, dead fraternity member is just plain silly. The characters are fairly likable, especially our three pledges (Joanna Johnson, Elaine Wilkes and Sherry Willis-Burch), though the big “reveal” as to who is possessed, is no surprise. There is little or no scares or suspense, but the film never really tries that hard, opting to have more fun with it’s premise.

Killer Party is a good example of the lighter toned, more colorful slashers of the mid to late 80s (read about the progression HERE). It offers nothing new, but does have fun with it’s silly story of a haunted sorority party. The 80s nostalgia is delightfully thick with all the very 80s fashions and music and there are enough kills to entertain. An amusing slasher from the slasher film’s most prolific era. Also stars cult film icon/director Paul Bartel as a college professor.

-MonsterZero NJ

rated 3 old-fashioned divers helmets, cause that’s what killers wore to costume parties in the 80s.






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