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This latest installment of Halloween Hotties features an actress who is not entirely new to horror, but one who is finally getting the attention she deserves. Director Joe Begos has been on fire as of late, with his two latest features Bliss and VFW . One of the many reasons these flicks have made an impact, is due to the presence of actress/singer Dora Madison! Born in Hutto, Texas, Madison, who has also acted under the names Dora Madison Burge and Madison Burge, has been a very busy actress since beginning her career in 2005. She had already done a variety of TV and film work, when in 2011, she had her first horror role in the college kids vs zombies flick Humans vs Zombies, as a gamer battling real zombies. Her Tommi is no damsel and a take charge kind of girl! She would go on to be featured in season 8 of the Showtime serial killer series Dexter as Masuka’s daughter, Niki, before a starring role in another horror flick, the 2014 found footage, Sasquatch horror Exists. It wasn’t until last year, however, that Madison made waves in the horror community, when she starred as struggling artist and drug user, Dezzy, in Joe Begos’ psychedelic, contemporary update on vampirism, Bliss. Her raw and realistic performance of a an artist already on the edge gave the film an added realism in it’s portrayal of L.A.’s underground nightlife and the people who inhabit it. A designer drug turns the down-on-her luck Dez into a blood thirsty fiend and Madison really makes us feel the many faceted effects of her transformation. The actress would star for Begos again that same year in his action packed, bloodbath VFW as ruthless gang member, Gutter. Any girl who can take on action legend Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, is definitely worth keeping our eyes on!
(Click on the highlighted links to read reviews of the films that our Halloween Hottie has appeared in)



As Tommi, a gamer forced into a battle with actual zombies when a role playing game becomes all too real!


EXISTS (2014)

As Dora, a young woman who, when camping with friends, cross paths with a vicious Sasquatch.


BLISS (2019)

As struggling artist Dezzy. Has a new designer drug called Bliss transformed her into something unearthly?


VFW (2019)

As vicious…and scene stealing…gang member, Gutter in VFW!


photo: IMDB/Elza Burkhart

There’s no telling where this versatile and talented actress will show up next. She shows no sign of slowing down with new projects already in phases of production! We can only hope she and Joe Begos will team up again, soon! For now her body of work, especially her two recent roles, qualifies Dora Madison as one of MonsterZero NJ’s Halloween Hotties!


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-MonsterZero NJ

source: IMDB



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