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Infliction is a found footage horror from writer/director Jack Thomas Smith (Disorder) that claims to be the actual footage of a murder spree committed in 2011 in the state of North Carolina but, never seems anything but a staged movie. The story has brothers John (Jason Mac) and Kenny (Elliot Armstrong) going on a vendetta fueled killing spree and they have decided to document the whole thing as they torment and murder their victims…all for what they see as wrongs committed against them. And that’s basically it.

The main problem with this film is the same problem that haunted Smith’s Disorder, scenes just ramble on and the dialogue keeps covering the same ground. The pace of the film is incredibly slow and its gets quite tedious as the two siblings voice their grievances with each of their bound victims and then brutally slaughter them. Between the murder scenes, we get long dialogue exchanges with the two waxing philosophical about their actions with them usually arriving at the opinion that their vengeance is just…and they do this after each and every victim. The final confrontation with their sister and parents makes the film feel far longer than the 100 minute running time that it actually is. The reason for their bloody revenge is also kind of weak when we slowly…and I do mean slowly…get the whole story as to why they are stalking seemingly random victims, who are actually connected to the two, leading up to the confrontation with their family. The reason makes sense but, isn’t overly interesting and we’ve seen it all before. The acting across the board is very wooden and when mixed with the endless rambling dialogue sequences, makes this quite a chore to sit through. Add to this that the film never feels like actual footage, no matter how much random static is used, and appears like exactly what it is, stiffly staged sequences. It all amounts to very little here to warrant sitting through this. Very disappointing considering the peeks of promise Smith’s last film showed.

While Disorder was flawed but showed promise, this dull flick seems like more of a step back. It’s got a ho-hum plot as an excuse to film some torment/murder sequences that are sandwiched between long dialogue sequences. And these sequences basically keep hammering home the already obvious point, that these two are damaged and want to blame/punish everyone involved for what they see as injustices done to them. The also have the brazen audacity to blame everyone else for their homicidal behavior, as well. They are the whiniest serial killers to be captured on film…by their own hands…in quite some time. Also stars Ana Shaw, Catherine Trail and Don Henderson Baker as their sister, mother and father respectively.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 knives.

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