I know this is the Movie Madhouse but,hey… it’s a book about Batman! And it does seem that Christopher Nolan and the creative team of The Dark Knight Rises did use some of the story elements of No Man’s Land for their concluding chapter of the Nolan Batman trilogy when Bane and Co. isolate Gotham from the rest of the world!


Batman: No Man’s Land is a really fun book that takes the classic comic hero and puts he and a lot of familiar faces, both good and bad, in an unconventional setting as a massive earthquake has leveled Gotham city and the resulting urban jungle has been declared a No Man’s Land by the U.S. government and abandoned. Never one to give up on the city he loves, the Dark Knight battles familiar foes and must try to unite fragmented allies, as his enemies try to carve out their own little kingdoms amidst the ruins. Based on a comic book story arc, Greg Rucka has a fun time taking these beloved heroes and villains and putting them in a situation that is equal parts Escape From New York and The Road Warrior… two of my favorite flicks so, high marks already… and makes The Batman face a situation unlike he has ever faced in his crime fighting career. There are bloody battles between rival gangs, unexpected alliances and unsurprising double crosses with the Caped Crusader caught in the middle and the reader benefitting from all the chaotic fun. There are also some amusing cameo appearances and the story gives us some refreshing glimpses of one of the comic’s greatest heroes in a situation that makes him question even himself. It’s a very fast paced and entertaining read that is gripping and yet, has a fun time putting familiar characters in a very unfamiliar situation. Highly recommended for comic fans and even fantasy and adventure book fans looking for something a little different.

3 and 1/2 stars!

three and one half stars rating


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