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death drop gorgeous


Death Drop Gorgeous tells the story of a sadistic killer stalking Providence, Rhode Island’s LGBTQ+ community leaving mutilated, blood drained bodies behind. An assorted group of eccentric individuals, including a down on his luck bartender (Wayne Richard), a sleazy club owner (Brandon Perras) and an aging drag queen (Michael McAdam), all try to stay out of harm’s way, while trying to deal with their own issues and lives.

Film is written and directed by Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalphe and Brandon Perras, who all have parts in the film. As such, it’s a low budget effort with a visual style as colorful as it’s characters. This is the film’s strong point, as the cast try hard and do bring some enjoyable life and energy to their characters, especially the various drag queens who all want to be the star of the show. The drawback here is that the film can’t quite decide on what it wants to be. Is it a slasher? The death’s are vicious and very gory, but few and far between. The killer’s identity does make sense, though, and is a bit of a surprise. Is it a comedy? There are some laughs and some very spicy dialogue, but not enough to be an outright comedy. Is it a drama? There is plenty of drama, especially amongst these drama queens, but sandwiched between the scenes of gruesome murder, when the film decides to go back to being a slasher. As a whole, the tone is all over the place and maybe three writers and directors is why. The flick is also a bit too graphic and raunchy for it’s own good, sort of Herschell Gordon Lewis meets john Waters, but that, however, is a matter of one’s personal taste, as to whether this movie goes too far, or maybe, not far enough. Still Drop Dead Gorgeous is the type of film that could catch on amongst the LGBTQ+ audience it’s aimed at and become a cult midnight movie, which would suit it’s offbeat style just fine. You have to give these folks credit for getting their movie made and their way! Death Drop Gorgeous hits VOD on 9/10/21 and has a cameo from the legendary Linnea Quigley.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating