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Spanish supernatural thriller finds house flipper Daniel (Rodolfo Sancho) moving into a new project with his wife Sara (Belén Fabra) and his young son Eric (Lucas Blas). Eric claims to be hearing voices, but his parents and psychologist (Beatriz Arjona) think it is simply the effect of moving so much on a lonely boy. When Eric dies tragically, Daniel begins to hear voices too and seeks the help of a paranormal investigator (Ramón Barea) and his daughter (Ana Fernández). What they find is Daniel’s worst nightmare as there is an evil entity in this new house and it wants vengeance on any who enter.

Haunted house flick is directed well by Ángel Gómez Hernández from a script and story by he, Santiago Díaz, Víctor Gado and Juan Moreno. Hernández creates an atmospheric and spooky story, as the grieving Daniel finds out there is a horrible history attached to this new house and the spirit of a vengeful witch on top of that. He and his fellow writers create some likable and sympathetic characters, in the grieving Daniel, the sweet and scared Eric, and the paranormal investigators with a personal loss of their own. It gives the film some nice emotional depth and the audience becomes emotionally invested in the characters. Hernández keeps the spooky stuff in-camera, with no CGI and the flick presents it’s subject with a subtle hand, until the chilling last act. What little blood or gore there is, is very effective when it comes. The cast are all good and the make-up FX, portraying our witch, are very well rendered, but used sparingly, so as not to loose their potency. It also has a chilling ending that will stick with you after it’s over. Hernández knows the tropes well and how to use them effectively. A very entertaining and spooky haunted house tale that will keep you looking at all parts of the picture frame for lurking spooks, just like The Haunting of Hill House. Watch through the credits for an additional scene and look out for a fun cameo from frequent creature performer Javier Botet as himself at a book signing. Flick is currently streaming on Netflix.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating