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Odd sequel takes place between the first and second films opening directly after the end of the first. One aspect of the story finds a relentless lawman (Stan Shaw) in pursuit of the Creeper (Jonathan Breck), who he faced 23 years earlier and a woman, Gaylen (Meg Foster), whose farm holds a secret the Creeper wants kept that way. Obviously, many innocents get caught in the middle including Gaylen’s granddaughter Addison (Gabrielle Haugh).

Victor Salva writes and directs again and the film comes across as a bit of a disjointed mess. There are multiple stories running at once with the villainous Creeper bouncing back and forth between them. This gives the film a very fractured continuity and the editing seems just as uneven. Having the film sandwiched between the first and second robs us of any hope of a satisfying conclusion, as we know the Creeper has a busload of kids to kill and the end cameo by a first film cast member only seems to indicate this whole thing was a set-up for a fourth flick, anyway. The dialog is outright awful in spots and some of the acting is no thrill either. The CGI effects are downright terrible and giving the Creeper’s van a host of James Bond meets Freddy Krueger traps and gadgets is just plain silly. An extremely sub-par sequel that adds nothing to the franchise mythos and whose only purpose seems to be to act as a place holder for a fourth film. This review is based on the SYFY Channel presentation and not the theatrical cut, which is apparently longer and may solve some of the editing inconsistencies.

PERSONAL NOTE: I certainly do not condone or support Victor Salva’s activities leading to his incarceration in 1988 for sexual misconduct with a minor. I watch his films only to provide others with critique and commentary on his film work. Such improper activities, should be punished to the full extent of the law no matter what the perpetrator has accomplished in his professional life.

-MonsterZero NJ