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THE PACT (2012)

The Pact is an effective and, at times, very creepy, supernatural mystery chiller that achieves a lot of atmosphere on it’s small budget. Flick tells the story of Annie (Caity Lotz) who arrives at her recently deceased mother’s house to meet her sister, Nicole (Agnes Bruckner) for the funeral. But Nicole is missing and soon strange things start happening in the house. Annie begins to have strange dreams and there seems to be a supernatural presence there with her. As it increasingly tries to get her attention, Annie begins to find clues about their mother, a mysterious woman and a serial killer case from decades before. What does it all mean and what does this supernatural presence want from her?

To say anymore would spoil an entertaining little chiller as the film takes us along with Annie on the path to finding the truth. While not perfect, The Pact is very effective at times and actually provides us with a nice mystery to go along with the things that go bump in the night. The atmosphere of dread is well maintained by writer/director Nicholas McCarthy and the cast, including genre vet Casper Van Dien as a grizzled veteran cop, all do well with the material. There are some very spooky sequences and some good scares and it all leads to a tense and suspenseful last act. The FX appear refreshingly all in camera and work well, only a few dragging effects get overused a bit by the end and their effectiveness is also diluted since we’ve seen them used a lot lately with the Paranormal Activity series.

An enjoyable little horror/mystery from Nicholas McCarthy. A sequel has been announced though, disappointingly, McCarthy doesn’t seem involved, but this filmmaker to watch is coming out with a new horror called At the Devil’s Door starring Glee’s Naya Rivera later this year.

A solid 3 spooks!