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Monster movie/love story finds Earth a host to hordes of monsters after an asteroid destroyed to avoid a collision, mutates normal critters into creatures with it’s fallout. Humans now live in underground shelters as monsters rule the Earth.¬†Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien) is a young survivor separated from his lady love Aimee (Jessica Henwick), but now leaves the comfort and safety of his underground bunker to find her. Will he rekindle his lost love with Aimee, or become a critter snack?

Entertaining enough flick is directed by Michael Matthews from a script by Brian Duffield and Matthew Robinson. There are a generous amount of sequences of Joel and his newfound canine friend “Boy” encountering a number of well designed and fearsome creatures. It’s predictable, as we know Joel will find bravery and overcome his habit of freezing under adverse conditions. We also know he will eventually find Aimee and his overcoming of this annoying and dangerous condition will be to save her. Still, it is well made and amusing, with some excellent SPFX courtesy of a fairly healthy $30 million budget. In the long run, it’s not anything especially memorable and a lot of it’s elements routine, but it does entertain for it’s 109 minute run time and sometimes that’s all one needs for a night on the couch. Also stars Guardians of the Galaxy actor Michael Rooker as a fellow survivor Joel meets on his travels.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating