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portal runner


Family friendly flick finds teen Nolan (Sloane Morgan Siegal) messing with an invention of his father’s and opening doorways into alternate dimensions through mirrors. Now he finds himself running from a malevolent entity to these alternate universes, on Christmas, with his only ally being a sister (Elise Eberle) he didn’t have in his own reality.

Christmas set sci-fi flick is directed by Cornelia Duryée from a script by Tallis Moore, based on J.D. Henning’s story. It’s a movie with its heart in the right place and some clever and amusing ideas, that unfortunately falls short of its potential. There is a lot of time spent with Nolan bickering with his sister in another dimension and trying to convince her he’s not the brother she thinks he is. Even with a short 73-minute run time it does take a while to get going, but once Nolan’s foe finds him and the chase begins, things do pick up. Film smartly does not try to do more than its budget can handle, but one does wonder what Duryée could have accomplished with the same script and a bit more cash. Maybe it doesn’t quite live up to expectations, but it does try hard, and its cast is likable. Flick will be available to stream on Tubi and other digital outlets on 12/10/21

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating