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Uncanny Annie is part of Hulu and Blumhouse’s Into The Dark series and originally aired on 10/4/19. Flick takes place on Halloween night, where six friends, Wendy (Adelaide Kane), Michael (Dylan Arnold), Eve (Georgie Flores), Craig (Jacques Colimon), Grace (Paige McGhee) and Peter (Evan Bittencourt) are hanging out together. They discover an old board game called Uncanny Annie and they decide to play. Soon the friends find themselves in some kind of void where they are not only forced to bare their souls, but are assailed by a variety of spooks and specters, including Annie (Karlisha Hurley) herself. Is there any way to win and escape for them, or will they be all taken one by one?

Flick is spookily directed by Paul Davis from a fun script by Alan Blake Bachelor and┬áJames Bachelor. Sure, we’ve seen the whole drawn into a board game thing before and the haunted board game, too, but the filmmakers know it and go with it with supernatural gusto. There are some spooky spooks and Annie herself is quite unnerving, thanks to a creepy performance by Karlisha Hurley. The whole cast give us some likable characters, even though some have dark secrets to keep, with Adelaide Kane making a solid heroine as sexy Goth chick Wendy. There is some bloodshed and the ghost FX are well done, too. Even if it isn’t the most original concept, it’s a fun Halloween flick that takes itself just seriously enough, yet let’s us have a good time as it’s premise plays out. One of the better Into The Dark flicks.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating