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one december night


Steve Bedford and Mike Sullivan (Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher) were a major musical group until personal conflicts broke them apart. Ten years later, at Christmas time, the duo is set to reunite for a televised Christmas special and this sets Bedford’s manager/son Jason (Brett Dalton) and Sullivan’s music company rep daughter Quinn (Eloise Mumford) on a collision course, as both are tasked with making sure this show happens. As it is the holidays, you know what that means!

Hallmark holiday flick is directed by Clare Niederpruem from a cliché script from Eric Brooks and Sib Ventress. If there is any type of flick that can get away with being cliché, it’s the Christmas film…and this one embraces them. Cast perform their parts sincerely, but also seem to be enjoying their roles. Campbell is especially cheery as the upbeat and egotistical Bedford, while Gallagher is solid as the more serious and troubled Sullivan. The two work well together and play off each other nicely. Dalton and Mumford also have some nice on-screen chemistry, as romance is obviously in the air. We know from the first frame how things will eventually work out for both pairs of Bedfords and Sullivans, but it is a cheesy, sweet and heartfelt journey getting there. Cute and harmless Christmas fluff. Holiday drama/romantic comedy is available for streaming on Fubo TV and Philo.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating