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Flick opens with a group of hooded figures dragging a man towards an ominous tree, hanging him from it and murdering him. We then see another man, presumably sometime later, chop down that tree and make a large and ornate bed out of it. Cut to modern day, the bed is now in a room at a sex club where a group of four friends, Sandy (Alysa King), Nancy (Gwenlyn Cumyn), Ren (Dennis Andres) and Fred (George Krissa) have apparently just died horribly. An alcoholic and guilt-ridden detective (Colin Price) is on the case and not only finds out that there is something very wrong in that room, which has a sordid history, but that he might actually be able to save at least some of those who perished.

Horror is well directed by Jeff Maher from his script with Cody Calahan. Despite a plot that could have been very silly, Maher actually crafts a spooky story from it. He flashes back and forth from the four friends bribing their way into the supposedly off limits, and only empty room, to the investigation of their very nasty deaths by a cop with more than a few issues of his own. The director gives the room and bed a good sense of malevolence and as the film proceeds, we learn that each character has their own secrets that the entity emanating from the bed is preying upon. We also get to see how a couple of them gruesomely died. There is some clever communication between cop in the present and Sandy, who died a few hours earlier, that adds an interesting element to the story, too. The cast play it all seriously, as does Maher and it’s actually a creepy and gory flick at times, despite a premise that could have been laughable in the wrong hands. Alysa King makes a strong and sympathetic heroine as Sandy and Colin Price makes a sufficient lead as the troubled detective with his own inner pains. At an economical 85 minutes, it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, or give you enough time to consider how goofy the idea of a demonic possessed bed, made from the wood of a hanging tree, really is. Not perfect, but as good as a movie about a killer bed is going to get. Flick is streaming free on Tubi under it’s current title The Dwelling, but it is still referred to under it’s former title of Bed of the Dead on Black Fawn Distribution’s Instagram page.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating