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Fascinating and amusing documentary focuses on the rare book world in New York City and the people who collect and sell them. The documentary by D. W. Young is narrated by indie film queen Parker Posey and takes us on a tour of, not only a variety of rare book shops, but an array of eccentric and interesting people who collect and sell rare and out of print books. It does a good job of capturing these people’s passion for the printed page and gives us a nice sense of the history behind rare book collecting. It also touches on the effect of corporate chains like Barnes and Noble on the mom and pop book store, as well as, the expansion of this overlooked sub-society with the inclusion today of more women and minority collectors.

It’s not for everyone, it’s a bit slow moving and maybe ten, or so, minutes too long, but for those interested in underground and off the beaten path sub-cultures, this is a very entertaining look at at world the exists within one of the greatest cities on Earth. If you like documentaries and are always looking for a new and interesting subject, this now streaming on Amazon documentary might be worth your time. If you do check it out, watch through the credits for a funny post credits anecdote.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating