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Italian set horror finds student and shutterbug abroad, Tracy (Makenna Guyler) sneaking into a supposedly abandoned old house with her roommate and friend Petra (Marta Tananyan). As this is a horror film, Tracy, Petra and would-be thief Alex (Emanuele Turetta) find themselves trapped inside the large home with a deformed man (Mario Cellini) with a taste for blood and murder.

Flick is directed by Emiliano Ranzani from a script he co-wrote along with Davide Mela. It’s an amusing enough flick, though nothing remarkable, as we follow Tracy and the others as they try to evade the “creature”…as the credits call him…who is less monster than a man suffering from Porphyria or Gunther disease. The disease gives our villain characteristic of a vampire, though he is not supernatural. Other characters that find their way into the house are the creature’s brother Vittoria (Alberto Sette), Bruno (Franco Olivero), a man that watches the house for him, and two police officers (Salvatore Palombi and Denitza Diakovska). This provides a bit of a body count and puts the odds against Tracy when the number of her allies dwindles. There is some suspense and tension and plenty of well-rendered gore to hold one’s attention. The film looks good, especially a hallucination sequence about halfway through and Ranzani makes good use of the creepy old house location.¬†Makenna Guyler makes for a cute enough heroine, though basically remained a damsel in distress for most of the movie. Overall this is nothing special, but entertaining enough and at 83 minutes, it doesn’t overstay it’s bloody welcome.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating