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Alone with her



Written and directed by Eric Nicholas, Alone With Her is a creepy and disturbing little thriller, cleverly told through the surveillance cameras of stalker, Doug (Colin Hanks), as we watch him stalk and then spy on his intended victim, Amy (Ana Claudia Talancón) from within her apartment. The film effectively captures the illusion of someone being watched without their knowledge. It also slowly builds the chills as stalker Doug gradually invades the young girl’s life using what he has learned about her to get close to her. We then share Amy’s fear as she realizes something is wrong.

It’s not big on action but it’s not supposed to be. It’s a slow but exhilarating burn until the violent climax. The film even succeeds in hinting that Doug might have had within him the ability to win a girl like Amy, had his insecurities not deranged him into the disturbed person he is and that adds an even more tragic touch to the proceedings. Director Nicholas makes really good use of the found footage format and really touches on our fears of being watched by someone without our knowledge. Hanks gives a strong performance as Doug, not only making him creepy, but making him appear trustworthy to Amy as we shout at her to beware of him from our seat. Nicholas really uses the fact that we know Doug’s true nature to twist and turn the screws on us as Doug courts the unaware woman. Actress Talancón makes Amy a very likable character and thus we become more and more afraid for her as Doug slowly invades her life, which, also makes Director Nicholas’ formula work. His two leads really help this little thriller come together and he guides them well.

Not perfect, but I recommend it if you want to check out a found footage flick that is interesting, a little different, disturbing and skin crawlingly creepy… and a found footage flick made before Paranormal Activity arrived and re-ignited the genre.

3 surveillance cameras!

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