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Found footage horror/comedy finds internet influencer Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) facing his fears on his web show The Wrath of Shawn. To regain his audience, after being banished for six months when one of his stunts causes injury, Shawn decides to face his biggest fear upon his return…ghosts! Locking himself inside an actual haunted house Shawn learns the hard way that this may be one fear he may not live to overcome.

Laugh out loud flick is written and directed by star Joseph Winter along with Vanessa Winter and is deviously entertaining. It is a clever blast of a good time that not only skewers internet stars, live stream web shows, paranormal shows and found footage horror, but wonderfully captures the manic energy and ghoulish laughs of Evil Dead 2 in its overdrive last act. Winter’s hyperactive Shawn is annoying, endearing and hilariously funny all at the same time and he makes a worthy “Ash” for a new generation facing all sorts of scary spooks, being covered in various bodily fluids, and getting the crap beaten out of him. It’s energetic and entertaining and the filmmakers even get some legitimately spooky sequences mixed in with all the fun stuff. The Utah location is very creepy, and the Winters use it well. The spooks are nicely rendered FX, there are some surprisingly gory moments and some bonkers sequences with motor-mouth, coward Shawn fighting for his life against various ghosts and ghouls. The Winters pull off a nice mix of horror and comedy, give it some spooky atmosphere and manic energy, and it all adds up to a really fun Halloween time treat. Deadstream also stars Melanie Stone as Chrissy, a fan that follows Shawn to the haunted location. Flick is currently streaming on Shudder. FUN!

MZNJ: Not only is this one of the funniest and spookiest horror comedies in years, but definitely a strong candidate for being on the horror best of list for 2022.

-MonsterZero NJ

three and one half stars rating



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