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Newest book from author Darcy Coates is a spooky change from her usual haunted house tales and presents a story of underwater horror…though not without the haunted element that she does so well. Adventure seeker and reality TV star Cove sets out with her crew to investigate the sunken wreckage of the SS Arcadia which disappeared long ago. The ship was finally found at the bottom of the ocean, and Cove has been hired to be the first to enter the wreckage and solve the mystery of the luxury liner’s disappearance, along with the fate of its passengers and crew. What awaits the divers is far more than your typical seafaring mystery but a nautical nightmare they may not return from.

Coates takes her haunted house story and delightfully transplants it into the wreckage of a lost ocean liner fathoms beneath the surface. The added caveats of limited oxygen and visibility adds an element of isolation and tension that is not usually present in a traditional haunted house tale, where one can simply leave the spook infested building. She also skillfully tells two stories at once in this chilling and involving tale, as we switch back and forth, chapter to chapter, from the Arcadia’s fateful last days to Cove and crew slowly finding out the frightening truth as to what happened and realizing the ship may not be as dead in the water as they believe. It’s scary, entertaining and like all her books, has a cast of very likable characters especially the strong-willed Cove. For a book over 400 pages, it’s a fast read and is perfect for a lazy summer’s day at the beach, or a nighttime read snuggled under the covers. Another solidly spooky story from a woman who is becoming a modern master of the haunted house…or ship…tale.

-MonsterZero NJ

three and one half stars rating



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