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dashcam 2022

DASHCAM (2022)

Dashcam has rapper and vlogger Annie (Annie Hardy) traveling to England and almost upon arrival beginning to cause trouble for her friend and former bandmate Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel). She accepts the task of driving an old woman named Angela (Angela Enahoro) to a destination for cash and soon she and Stretch learn to regret it, as Angela turns out to be something quite unexpected…and dangerous.

Found footage horror is directed by Rob Savage, who made the quarantine filmed internet sensation horror Host. The script is by he with Gemma Hurley along with Jed Shepard and is simply a bloody mess. This is literal as the film is quite the splatter-fest, but also because the mess of a story seems to be making itself up as it goes along, instead of following some sort of cohesive narrative. Sure, there are a few creepy sequences, and the gore can be fun, but the flick is as loud and obnoxious as it’s heroine Annie. By presenting a lead who grates on ones every nerve, it leaves no one to endear or fear for, except for maybe the hapless Stretch, as we really don’t care what happens to a woman who is basically a big, selfish, a-hole. Angela…or whatever she is…can be spooky at times, but the rapid-fire hurling of crashes, mutilations and chases being thrown at us gets tiring very quick. That and at already less than 80 minutes, the film pads out its runtime with a grating, precredit Annie Hardy rap sequence that feels like it goes on forever. A sadly disappointing sophomore effort by Savage, who showed potential with his first flick.

-MonsterZero NJ



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