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Indie horror/comedy finds a group of new employees at the mall Halloween haunt Scare Zone trying to frighten customers while a real killer is stalking them behind the scenes.
Halloween set horror/comedy is written and directed by Jon Binkowski and is a well-intended flick with its heart in the right place. Horror/comedies are not easy to pull off and despite Binkowski trying hard, the film comes off as a 90-minute sitcom Halloween episode. That’s not altogether a bad thing, but the film is never really funny enough to nail it as a comedy, and never really scary enough to nail it as a horror. It has a generic sitcom feel and a very generic killer, though at least it has a likable cast of characters, and the actors do a good job making them such. You could do worse and at least indie filmmakers are getting their films made and you can never have too many flicks set on Halloween. Flick is available on VOD from Terror Films on 5/28/22.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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