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Sarah (Sasha Anne) and Alex (Evan Adams) are the sole survivors of an RV crash near the famed New Jersey Pine Barrens. Sarah’s cousin Kelsey (Madison Ekstrand) was never found, and Sarah is convinced something supernatural was involved, possibly the Jersey Devil itself. On the anniversary of the accident, Sarah convinces Alex to join her in returning to the spot and finding out what really happened that night, and to Kelsey. Obviously, their suspicion that something is not right in these legendary woods is frighteningly on-point.
Indie horror is well-directed by Dale Fabrigar from a script and story by Tricia Aurand, Sandy Lo and Suzanne DeLaurentiis. Fabringer does conjure some tension and the film certainly gets points for having some good gore and using a prosthetic creature over CGI. If the flick is held back a bit, it’s by some amateur acting—though lead Sasha Anne holds her own nicely—and focusing more on Sarah and Alex dealing with some sinister locals than the briefly, but effectively seen creature. There is a sub-plot about a longstanding feud with Sarah’s family and said locals, which disappointingly takes center stage, when Fabringer already showed us, he was very adept at handling the critter sequences. It is an economical 76 minutes in length, uses its locations nicely and while we didn’t get the outright monster movie we came for, Dale Fabringer does show potential as a filmmaker and maybe his next flick will be the full-on creature flick/horror movie we think he’d do a good job at. Also stars Anthony Jensen, Catherine Healy and Joseph Almani as the before mentioned locals. Flick arrives on digital streaming and home media on 4/12/22.

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Man in a suit over CGI any day!

Photo: Uncork’d Entertainment

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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