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HELP (2022)

When pretty Grace (Emily Redpath) suffers a bad break-up with her boyfriend, she goes to visit her friends, couple Liv (Sarah Alexandra Marks) and her boyfriend Edward (Louis James). When a night of drinking brings out hidden secrets and passions, the visit soon spirals downward into betrayal, infidelity and violence.

Flick is written and directed by Blake Ridder who seems to forget when presenting a story like this you need to care about or like at least one of the characters. The three leads are a trio of bland yuppies, whose boo-hoo relationship drama and endless glasses of wine are right out of the boring yuppie handbook. By the time the infidelity and violence begin you really don’t care about these three and the dull melodrama that leads to it all. Seen it all before and it was not very interesting then. Again, you have to like at least one of the characters for something like this to work and watching these three is like watching the preverbal paint dry. Dull, uninteresting and a thrill-less thriller.

-MonsterZero NJ



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