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Home invasion flick has a secret society called The Locusts staging violent incursions into people’s homes. Their members have exactly three hours to terrorize their targets. Tonight, they descend on the home of unsuspecting couple Daniel (Matt O’Neill) and Jessica (Sunny Doench). Things hit a snag for The Locusts, however, as they are unaware that Jessica’s sister Liz (Andrea Sweeney Blanco) is hiding in the house and that one of their own is not what they seem.

Bland thriller is written and directed by Kipp Tribble, who also stars. For an 80-minute film there is very little action, and little or no suspense for a home invasion flick. There are long scenes with characters standing around talking, and one lengthy scene of one of the Locust members lying on a bed waiting for the unsuspecting Jessica to exit the bathroom. Literally just lying there. That’s how you use your 80-minute runtime? After the initial invasion, most of the movie is The Locust members hanging around talking while Liz hides under the bed and Jessica takes a long luxurious bath, unaware for a good while of her uninvited guests. A brief, ill-fated delivery person sequence is the only real, action we get. A movie with very little actual activity and even less point. Flick also stars veteran actor Bruce Davison in a few sporadic Skype-esque sequences as the mystery man behind this incursion.

-MonsterZero NJ



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