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Zeiram (1991) (full review HERE) is a Japanese cult classic sci-fi adventure that is basically a live-action anime with a lot of inventive visual and creature FX, not to mention a sexy, alien ass-kicking heroine, Iria (Yuko Moriyama).  Directed by artist Keita Amemiya, the film follows bounty hunter Iria as she arrives on earth to hunt the dangerous creature Zeiram, while two bumbling utility workers (Yukijirô Hotaru and Kunihiro Ida) get in the way. The film has a well-deserved following…and a sequel… and is now finally available in a 30th anniversary special edition Blu-ray from Media Blasters!

zeiram 03

Sexy and tough alien bounty hunter Iria (Yuko Moriyama) on Earth to capture a monster in Keita Amemiya’s Zeiram!

As for the disc itself….

The high-definition transfer of this cult classic sci-fi adventure looks really good, especially for a low budget film made 30 years ago. The colors are vibrant, and the picture is sharp, though there is some grain which is not unexpected for a movie three decades old and made with a very modest budget. The film is presented in the original 1.78:1 aspect ratio with a new 1080 high-definition scan. The sound is presented in 2.0 PCM stereo and you have the option of original Japanese with subtitles or English dubbed.

Now on to the extras….

The extras here are minimal. There are both U.S. and Japanese trailers for the movie and a making of documentary from back in the 90s with both star Yuko Moriyama and director Keita Amemiya. That’s it, but just having this flick finally on Blu-ray should be more than enough for fans.

zeiram 02

The alien creature arrived on Earth…Zeiram!

Zeiram is a cult classic Japanese sci-fi action film from the inventive mind of character designer turned director Keita Amemiya, that has been a fan favorite for over three decades. Thanks to the folks at Media Blasters, it’s finally now available in a remastered Blu-ray! Recommended!

-MonsterZero NJ


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