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hell or high seas


Documentary tells the story of Taylor Grieger, A Navy Veteran diagnosed with PTSD, who decides to accomplish a long-time dream of sailing around the dangerous waters of Cape Horn. Along with him is his high school friend Stephen O’Shea, and for part of the journey, fellow veterans Kellen Warner and John Rose. The men battle the tumultuous seas while Taylor battles with the tumultuous emotions inside himself.

Heartfelt and emotionally intense documentary is directed by Glenn Holsten and written by O’Shea and Holden. It starts out with introducing us to Taylor and his battle with the dark and troubling emotions caused by his condition. It then delves into the preparations for this harrowing 200-day, 10,000-mile journey on some of the world’s most dangerous seas. It’s not long before we are on the small sailboat and sailing on the unpredictable seas with Taylor, Stephen and company. It is not an easy journey, as it starts out with a massive hurricane directly in their path, and along the way there is nightmarish weather, fights between friends, pirates and critical damage to their craft. As we watch these men brave hazardous conditions, we are also made startlingly aware of just how many of our brave veterans come home with PTSD and sadly, how many take their own lives upon returning to civilian life. It’s not only a tense adventure of man against the elements, but a heartbreaking and eye-opening wake-up call to what our returning heroes are struggling with…and how Taylor and Stephen are trying to make a difference and make all of us aware. An intense and involving documentary with a powerful message. Documentary is now available for streaming on Vudu and Apple TV.

UPDATE: Now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video!

-MonsterZero NJ

three and one half stars rating



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