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Heartfelt and sad documentary is directed by Edwin P Stevens, who co-wrote with Meredith Mantik and Joe Raffa, and focuses on his family dealing with the grief and loss of his sister Alice Stevens, who was gunned down on 11/3/13 along with her boyfriend Forrest Ison. The documentary paints a picture of a little girl adopted into a family, but growing into an emotionally troubled young woman. It tells the story of a girl growing up into womanhood, never really finding her place and not only getting into trouble, but into abusive relationships. It covers the murder itself, where she and her boyfriend Forrest, were shot and killed and the subsequent arrest of the suspects and the resulting trials. It then follows a grieving family through their loss and pain trying to deal with not only the painful emotions evoked by the brutal killings, but also unresolved issues between family members and the troubled Alice. It’s heartbreaking to watch and very effective in that the pain of her loved ones is on display and some of them will never have closure with some of Alice’s behavior and choices. The story is told through family interviews, with some very heart-wrenching testimony, especially from her older brother, director Edwin P. Stevens. The actual footage from one of the trials is an emotional wringer. It is hard to sit through. You can understand why this family will never be the same, even as they try to move past the pain…but Stevens does still end it on a hopeful note. Alice Is Still Dead is a documentary that may not be for everyone, but it is a well made, powerful and sometimes very emotionally intense film from Edwin P. Stevens.

Be warned!…there are some very graphic autopsy and crime scene photos shown that are not easy to look at. Documentary is now available to stream on Tubi.

-MonsterZero NJ

three and one half stars rating



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