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DEMIGOD (2021)

When her grandfather dies and leaves her everything, Robin Murphy (Rachel Nichols) travels back to her childhood home in the German Black Forest with her husband Leo (Yohance Myles). Soon they and a group of others are kidnaped by the cult-like followers of a forest deity known as The Great Hunter. True to it’s name, they are released into the dark woods and hunted by the hooded pagans—and possibly something far more unearthly. 

Flick is directed by Miles Doleac from his script with Michael Donovan Horn and is an entertaining and sometimes spooky supernatural/survival horror. It can be atmospheric at times and the basis in pagan folklore does add some atmosphere as well. It is methodically paced and that is by design. Performances vary with Nichols doing solid work as heroine Robin and Doleac himself playing the role of local hunter Arthur. Yohance Myles tries hard, but seems to get the worst of the dialogue to recite as Leo and remaining cast member’s playing the hunted seem to be there just to provide body count. Those portraying the pagan worshipers are appropriately creepy and dangerous, as they should be. There is some effective violence and graphic gore and even if we have seen the innocents being hunted scenario many times before, it’s not badly done here, with the hunters using primitive weapons rather than guns. The forest setting also works well to create a sense of isolation and hopelessness for our prey, as the are relentlessly pursued. The flick has some effective visuals, as photographed by Nathan Tape, with a fitting score by Clifton Hyde. Horror fans will appreciate that there is a slasher element to the proceedings and the last act changes gears from the hunt to a more straight-up and bloody horror conclusion.
Overall, an entertaining little indie that is a mash-up of backwoods pagan horror and the hunt scenario. If you are looking for something a little different than the usual spooky season fair, you might want to give this flick a watch. Demigod will be available On Demand and in select theaters on 10/15/21!

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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