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Ouija Japan is an upcoming low budget horror that finds Westerner Karen (Ariel Sekiya) living in Japan with her Japanese husband and desperate to make friends. She agrees to go on a trip with some other women and soon finds herself fighting for her life, after using a Ouija board unleashes a dark spirit.

Dull and ridiculous movie is written and directed by Masaya Kato—thought there is little sign of an actual script, as it seems made up as it goes along. It’s a nonsensical and very amateur flick that has a Ouija board session somehow degenerating into a Battle Royale-esque fight for survival, with the women pitted against each other and a fox spirit with a sword. There is also some kind of phone app involved as well. What? It makes no sense at times, the acting is terrible, the dialogue awful and one wonders if Kato was even on set to direct. Not much to recommend other than some nice Japanese locations.

-MonsterZero NJ



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