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let her out

LET HER OUT (2017)

Helen (Alanna LeVierge) is a young woman lucky to be alive, as her mother committed suicide while she was pregnant with her. Working her job as a bike courier, Helen has a severe accident that seems to trigger blackouts and strange behavior. As her condition gets worse, she finds out there is a mass inside her head caused by an unborn twin. Soon Helen comes to believe this is not just leftover genetic material, but another person living inside her body who finally wants control—a person who is vicious, insane and very dangerous.

Flick is directed by Vicious Fun director Cody Calahan, from his script with Adam Seybold. It is an effective horror thriller, as the emerging consciousness of her unborn and unhinged twin, fights to take over Helen’s body. It puts those around her at risk and there are some very violent moments when the evil personality gains control. Lead Alanna LeVierge does a good job being likable and sympathetic as Helen and coming across as dangerous when the other takes control. She also plays well the scenes of she and her deranged twin sister battling each other for dominance. A lot of this stuff could have gotten silly, but director Cody Calahan keeps it creepy and unsettling. It also comes to an effective and blood-soaked conclusion, with well-done practical make-up FX throughout. Not a bad 90 minutes, especially as it is now streaming free on Tubi.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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