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German horror streaming on Netflix finds, widowed mother Nadja (Peri Baumeister) on a flight to New York with her young son Elias (Carl Anton Koch). Before the plane takes off, a group of terrorists board and hijack the flight. Now Nadja must unleash a dark and terrible secret to protect her son from these dangerous and violent intruders.

As directed by Peter Thorwarth, from his script with Stefan Holtz, this is basically Passenger 57 if you removed Wesley Snipes’ security expert John Cutter and substituted a female vampire instead. It’s an amusing concept as Nadja reveals herself to be a bloodsucker and sets out to battle the bad guys to protect Elias. Things gets complicated when psychopathic terrorist EIghtball (Alexander Scheer) uses some of Nadja’s blood to turn himself and starts to turn others. It’s vampires vs terrorists, passengers vs vampires and vampires vs vampires over the Atlantic ocean. It’s fun, at times, and very gory, though is held back by a far too long 121 minute runtime. There is a lot of exposition and quite a few flashbacks to Nadja’s turn into a creature of the night and while interesting, it slows the film’s momentum considerably and makes the flick about twenty to thirty minutes longer than it should be. Overall, despite it’s flaws, it is still an entertaining and bloody enough action/horror for an evening on the couch. Also stars Blade Trinity’s Dominic Purcell as a terrorist.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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