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CAVEAT (2021)

Down on his luck Isaac (Jonathan French) takes a job at a remote island house to watch over an emotionally disturbed woman (Leila Sykes). Not only is he isolated with the disturbed Olga, but he is also attached to a chain so he can’t leave, and the house may be haunted.

Irish supernatural/psychological thriller is written and directed by Damian Mc Carthy and is not only atmospheric, but has a permeating sense of dread and Mc Carthy does have an eye for unsettling visuals. The performances are good, the characters are disturbing and the location is spooky. On the downside, the film has a dreadfully slow pace and one’s interest wanders between the scenes of spookiness. It also relies on a bit of an absurd plot element, as it’s hard to believe anyone, even someone desperate and broke, would allow themselves to be chained inside a house with a mentally disturbed woman as the other occupant. As for the rest of it’s core story, it is really nothing more than a traditional haunted house yarn, when all is said and done, and like most flicks of this type, it has it’s share of mystery and eventual reveals. Overall, it may not be quite living up to online hype, but does show that Damian Mc Carthy is a filmmaker with potential.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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