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Katie (Katie Groshong) is a woman who has fled a Satanic cult and is trying to get her life back together, seeking work as a caregiver. She is given charge of a woman with Down Syndrome named Stephanie (Stephanie Kinkle), who Katie soon believes is being pursued by a demonic presence. Can Katie use her past experiences to save Stephanie from whatever is pursuing her?

Film is the sophomore flick for writer and director by Chad Crawford Kinkle, whose first film was the strange and spooky Jug Face. Dementer is a disturbing flick from the start, as Katie suffers flashbacks of her traumatic time with the cult and, at the same time, starts to see evidence that Stephanie might be being pursued by something sinister. It can be very creepy at times and is all the more unnerving to see an innocent with Down syndrome as the pursuit of something demonic. It is also intriguing to see Katie use the knowledge gained from her cult experiences to try to protect Stephanie, despite the bad memories it all brings back. The film has numerous spooky moments and visuals and a creepy score by Sean Spillane. There are really good performances from leads Katie Goshong and Stephanie Kinkle and the film uses real Down actors in the roles of not only Stephanie, but the other members of the care center as well. Another original and disturbing horror from Chad Crawford Kinkle. Flick also stars indie horror icon Larry Fessenden.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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