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Pedestrian thriller finds pretty, young Rain Burroughs (Madison Iseman) suffering from schizophrenia and delusions. She thinks her neighbor (Eugenie Bondurant), who is also her teacher at school, has kidnaped a little girl. The authorities don’t believe her and want to have her institutionalized. Her long suffering parents (Katherine Heigl and Harry Connick Jr) don’t believe her either. The only person who does, is cute boy Caleb (Israel Broussard from Happy Death Day) and Rain isn’t exactly sure if he’s real or not, either.

Extremely routine thriller is by-the-numbers directed by Castille Landon from her own cliché script. It’s simply yet another flick where someone has a handicap or disability and sees something everyone else disbelieves because of their condition. It’s very predictable and we know from moment one that there is indeed something amiss and Rain is not as crazy as her classmates and family think. There is nothing innovative or inventive with this very familiar story and it comes to the outcome we all know it will from almost the beginning. Madison Iseman really tries hard to give Rain some life and depth, and the rest of the cast are solid, but it’s just so been there, done that. If you are going to use a popular storyline, do something new and exciting with it, like Mike Flanagan did with Hush. Landon breathes no life into an oft told tale, as even the few twists come as no surprise. Dull and predictable despite the efforts of a good cast.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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