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This documentary has Steven ‘Prozak’ Shippy and his Seekers team coming to the rescue of a woman and her two daughters. After digging up an old tool in the surrounding woods and bringing it into their house, an aggressive haunting begins. One daughter is even physically harmed. The team enters the house to find out who, or what, has taken up residence there and what it wants.

Directed by Shippy, this installment really brings the spooky. Whereas A Haunting On Washington Avenue: The Temple Theater, seemed to be sparse in it’s evidence, there is a constant parade of shadow figures, moving objects, growls, demands to “get out” and manipulated electronics in this house. This is one of the most active hauntings caught on camera. As for the doubters, even if this is a complete hoax, it’s darn good, spooky television. It’s not just this single mom and her girls either! The cat gets it’s dish moved to it’s hissing disapproval. Heck, even the turtles and fish in one of the daughter’s rooms get spooked as well. This specter leaves no resident un-haunted! It challenges “Prozak” and his ghost hunters, and a priest, continually and there is some really creepy footage and some chilling voices recorded in the process…all to our spooky delight! Only outstanding question is…why didn’t they rebury the tool immediately, since they knew from the beginning it was the trigger? Why go through a year of paranormal induced suffering till you need a paranormal investigation and visit by a holy man? Who cares? This was one creepy fun documentary.

-MonsterZero NJ

three and one half stars rating



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