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Flick has musician Kevin (Michael Patrick Nicholson) inviting his friend Stu (Jeremy Gardner) over to his parent’s house to jam. He also invites pretty stoner Chloe (Taylor Zaudtke) under the pretense of buying drugs. When the two arrive, Kevin is nowhere to be found. While they wait, the blunt and moody Stu and the sweet and free-spirited Chloe start to bond, despite being polar opposites. Unfortunately, as per the film’s title, there is a darker intent to this evening, especially for Chloe.

Interesting and effective little flick is written and directed by Eric Pennycoff. The filmmaker creates an almost deceiving first act as metalhead Stu and hippie chick Chloe start to connect. It’s actually a cute and charming start, even though the opening minutes of the film let us know something bad is coming. Possibly a bit of a miscalculation on Pennycoff’s part, as the title and opening scenes signal that, at some point, this evening is going to go in a disturbing direction. Otherwise, we would have been taken completely off-guard when it goes from sweet, unexpected, potential romance to something darker and ill-intended. It still works, even as it’s no surprise this isn’t a chance meeting between two opposites who attract, but a calculated plan to do something nasty. Again, this is telegraphed by the opening moments and the title, so, it is not a spoiler…and the film still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. The cast are good. Indie horror fixture Jeremy Gardner is solid as the dark-natured metalhead Stu. We like him despite his sometimes dour, cynical mood. Taylor Zaudtke is absolutely adorable and enchanting as stoner girl Chloe. She’s very crush worthy and we root for her when things turn ugly. Michael Patrick Nicholson is also effective as the disturbed and mysterious Kevin, when he finally appears.

Overall, this is an effective little flick, even if we could have been taken even more by surprise with a little less telegraphing. Eric Pennycoff is a filmmaker to keep an eye on and this flick is worth a look on Amazon Prime. Sadistic Intentions also features some nice cinematography from Malcolm A. Purnell and an effective score by Eric Romary.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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