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Fun flick has three friends, Miguel “Little Mayor” Martinez (Jaden Michael), Bobby (Gerald W. Jones III) and Luis (Gregory Diaz IV) having more to worry about than the mysterious Murnau Properties realty company buying up homes and businesses all over town. Miguel and his friends come to believe the new folks moving into the Bronx are vampires and their plans are far more sinister than simply gentrifying the neighborhood.

Horror comedy is directed with a nice balance of both by Oz Rodriguez from his script with Blaise Hemingway. It also adds a nice dose of ethnic flavor from the varied peoples of this Bronx neighborhood and a strong sense of community. Rodriguez presents his story seriously enough, so the vampires have threat and the themes of urban gentrification and the dangers of inner city life are not lost. At the same time, we are entertained, as “Little Mayor” and his buds try to convince everyone that vampires have come to the Bronx and, of course, no one believes them. Michael, Jones and Diaz make an endearing trio of good friends turned vampire hunters, trying to preserve the only life they know, while Sarah Gadon makes a sexy and sinister vampire lord trying to take it from them. All the cast are good, with those portraying neighbors adding character and bringing cultural nuances to their roles, while those playing vampires are threatening enough to give their bloodsuckers menace. A fun and family friendly kids vs. monsters movie that may be predictable at times, but is still a really good time nonetheless. Also stars Shea Whigham as a vampire familiar realtor, Cliff “Method Man” Smith as the local priest and a cameo by Zoe Saldana as a nail salon owner. Vampires vs. The Bronx can be found streaming on Netflix!

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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