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LA CASA (2021)

Haunted house flick takes place in 1986 Chile where curfews are in effect. Officer Arriagada (Gabriel Cañas) is called to investigate possible intruders at an abandoned house. That house has a dark past and is rumored to be cursed and haunted. It is safe for you to assume that Officer Arriagada will not have a pleasant time of it.

Chilean horror is written and directed by Jorge Olguín and supposedly based on an actual house. It is also shot to give the illusion that it takes place in real time. Olguín tries hard, with a spooky location, some opening newsreel footage to give us a little history on the house and our hero goes in already agitated from a failing marriage. There are some effective jump scares, the spooks seem all in camera, their make-up well rendered and Gabriel Cañas performs solidly as a man in constant fear. The only drawback in this tight 75 minute film is that it simply isn’t all that scary. It’s a noble effort, but the flick just doesn’t muster any real solid scares. Even with some effective moments and a few disturbing ones, as the horrors in the house escalate, we’re not as frightened as we want to be. A last act reveal does add an interesting slant to what we just saw, so it does end on an unsettling note. Overall, it’s an entertaining effort and shows a lot of potential from Jorge Olguín, but would have really been something if it was simply scarier. Stay through the credits. Available on Amazon Prime and is worth a look.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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