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Occult practicing grandparents Audrey (Sheila McCarthy) and Henry (Julian Richings) Walsh are devastated by the loss of their grandson Jackson (Daxton William Lund). So devastated, that they kidnap single mom-to-be Shannon (Konstantina Mantelos) and plan to use a centuries old Satanic ceremony to put Jackson’s spirit into the body of Shannon’s unborn child. What could go wrong?

Demonic horror is effectively directed by Justin G. Dyck from a script by Keith Cooper. Flick has some very spooky moments and disturbing sequences, while balancing a very dry and twisted undercurrent of humor. It’s subtle, so not to undo all the creepy goings on, but it is there and helps to make the situation all the more unsettling. There are some very effective make-up effects, as The Walsh’s unintentionally invite far more than little Jackson into their home, and a considerable amount of bloodshed. The cast are all good, with McCarthy and Richings being quite sinister in their determination to have their grandson back at any cost and Konstantina Mantelos is sympathetic and resilient as the pregnant Shannon, who somehow must outwit the duo, a bound and gagged captive in their house. It’s not perfect. We know from the start that the Walsh’s perfectly thought out plan will start to crack and fall apart at some point, and we know from past movie experiences that demons don’t play fair. Sometimes it’s a bit too deadpan for it’s own good and there are lulls between the effective moments that slow down the momentum. Overall, it’s spooky entertainment and certainly worth a look for a reverse spin on the classic exorcism story with a pair of Satan worshipping geezers as our bad guys. Now streaming on Shudder.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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