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Exorcismus is the story of teen Emma (Sophie Vavasseur) who feels she might be suffering from a demonic influence. She seeks help from her uncle, a young priest (Stephen Billington), whose last exorcism claimed the life of a young girl.

Possession horror follows all the routines and uses all the cliche’s for this type of flick and that might be OK if director Manuel Carballo used them well and added some life to them. But, Exorcismus is a by-the-numbers exorcism flick, as written by David Muñoz, that makes no attempt to freshen the familiar story elements up, or use them inventively. The actors are also performing by-the-numbers and none of them seem to really be into their roles. In fact, the whole flick is filmed in a rather deadpan tone that really sabotages the story. You’d think an instance of demonic possession would evoke some strong emotions from somebody involved, but Carballo evokes none from his characters. And said characters act quite foolishly at times, such as letting the possessed Emma roam free and out of their sight between attacks…which anyone who watches this stuff knows, is asking for trouble. When comes time for the traditional possession sequences, we get exactly what we expect from such a scenario and nothing we haven’t seen before. Carballo tries to be somewhat stylish, telling small details of the story in flashbacks, as the story progresses, but none of it is all that interesting. A small plus is the film uses no CGI and very minimal make-up or FX to portray the events, it’s just sad that the events aren’t all that effectively pulled off…and no, adding FX wouldn’t have helped and a final act plot twist only briefly adds some originality, before falling back to the clichés for a silly climax. Genre favorite Doug Bradley shows up in a cameo as a priest and for a non-Pinhead paycheck.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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