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Horror anthology finds pretty, young Sam (Caitlin Fisher) looking for work at the Raven’s End mortuary. The caretaker is spooky mortician Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown), who begins to weave stories of the supernatural and the macabre at Sam’s insistence. Dark begins to tell a series of tales from a slinky pick-pocket (Christine Kilmer) encountering a Lovecraftian medicine cabinet, to a womanizing, college stud (Jacob Elordi) finding his comeuppance with a mysterious new co-ed (Ema Horvath), to a husband (Barak Hardley) driven to desperate measures with an ailing wife (Sarah Hay) to Sam’s own tale of her babysitting encounter with an escaped psychopath (Ben Hethcoat). As the stories unfold, we find that there may be far more to the Raven’s End Mortuary than just it’s grave history.

Anthology is well directed by Ryan Spindell from his own script. The stories are fairly constant and while none is particularly original, or scary, they are all entertaining and well presented. Spindell has a very good visual eye and the stories all look spooky and atmospheric, especially with the wraparound filmed in Oregon’s Flavel House Museum, which was one of the locations for The Goonies. The last story and the wraparound are the best, with some creepy FX, chilling moments and spooky revelations. The gore and make-up effects are top notch all around and the cast seem to all be having a good time, especially Brown as mortician Dark and Fisher as the feisty Sam. Fun anthology is streaming on Shudder and is certainly worth a look for horror anthology fans and quite fitting for the Halloween season.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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