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ROGUE (2020)

“Now you have a choice…which bitch is gonna kill you.”- Captain Samantha O’ Hara

Mercenary Samantha O’ Hara (Megan Fox) and her team head into the African Jungle to rescue a governor’s daughter (Jessica Sutton) from a gang of human traffickers. The rescue goes awry, forcing Sam, her surviving teammates and their rescues to hide in an abandoned poacher’s compound. Now, with barely any ammo left, they are caught between the pursuing gang and a vicious and vengeful jungle predator.

Flick is directed by Michael J. Bassett from his script with Isabel Bassett, who also plays one of the rescues, Tessa. It’s a routine action/adventure flick that does have some decent action scenes, as well as, some bloody carnage when the lion starts thinning the already thin numbers of the mercenary band. It’s fun to see Megan Fox play a badass soldier and she’s actually pretty effective as such, handling both gunplay and hand to hand combat quite well. It does have it’s messages, mixed in with the action, about the cruelty of both poaching and human trafficking and, of course, it’s share of flying bullets, too. The lion is, sadly, some unconvincing CGI, which does lessen the effect of the attack sequences, but at least we are given a fairly satisfying reason for it to remain in a place that caused it much pain. At 105 minutes, there are some lulls in the middle, but the gunfire and bloodshed picks up for the last act finale. It’s nothing new and ultimately forgettable, but go in with minimal expectations and it can be an amusing enough, evening on the couch.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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