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Recently widowed Emma (Katia WInter) moves into a new home with her young daughter Isla (Ashley Jones) to start a new life. Strange things begin to occur and it seems there may be someone…or something, living in the house with them.

Extremely routine horror is directed by Eduardo Rodriguez (2013’s Fright Night 2) from an uninspired script by Andrew Wong. At first is seems to be leaning towards some kind of haunting and thusly rolls out all the clichéd tropes, but takes us in a different direction in the last act that is also cliché and underdeveloped. By having it switch gears, a lot of what happened earlier now makes no sense if there is nothing supernatural behind it. Having Emma also pursued by stalker Mark (Zach Avery) adds nothing to the plot and only seems to exist to be part of a last scene twist. The massive house Emma and Isla move into seems way too big and expensive for a single mother who works as a waitress, to be believable. Even if her deceased hubby did leave her a nice insurance policy settlement, the taxes alone would bankrupt her. Characters do really stupid things to put themselves in harm’s way, like a neighbor (Lane Bradbury) breaking and entering into Emma’s house just to look for her lost cat. Even entitled rich folks aren’t that stupid. They try to add some depth by having Emma haunted by her own past decisions, but the characters and story still wind up being very stereotypical. Beyond all that, it isn’t particularly scary or suspenseful and is kinda dull even for a flick just slightly over 90 minutes. Also stars Emmy James as Isla’s cute, goth babysitter Ashley, who was the most interesting and sadly underused of the film’s characters.

-MonsterZero NJ



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