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Thirteen years later, Andrew Traucki returns to his Black Water with an unrelated sequel, save for the hungry crocodile and it’s human snacks. This film finds five friends going cave exploring in the middle of the wilderness. A sudden and fierce rainstorm causes flash flooding, which fills the cave system with water. Drowning isn’t the worse concern, as a large and hungry crocodile is in there with them and now hunts the scared spelunkers.

Traucki directs from a script by John Ridley and Sarah Smith. It is an entertaining movie but would have been far more effective if we hadn’t already seen the scenario played out in The Descent and the more recent 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. It’s all quite familiar at this point, though Traucki does give it some nice tension and Ridley and Smith give us some fairly likable characters to fear for. There is some bloody violence, as can be expected, as the gator thins the numbers of our trapped adventurers. We once again have a pregnant character and it’s this abundant familiarity that keeps Black Water: Abyss from being a really bloody fun treat. We’ve seen it all before. Worth a watch, but too ‘been there, done that’ to really make a lasting impression. Stars Jessica (The Meg) McNamee as Jennifer, Luke Mitchell as Eric, Amali Golden as the pregnant Yolanda, Benjamin Hoetjes as Viktor and Anthony J. Sharpe as Cash.

-MonsterZero NJ

2 and 1-2 star rating



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