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Young, up and coming film director Mi-Jung (Seo Ye-Ji) has two weeks to come up with a screenplay in order to keep her first big directing job. Research leads her to a student film, that when shown at it’s premiere, caused panic and even death. Intrigued, she sets out to to find this supposedly haunted film and it’s equally elusive maker Jae-Hyun (Jin Seon-Kyu), who disappeared along with the movie. Mi-jung may soon learn to be careful what you wish for and maybe some things should be left unfound.

Korean horror film is written and directed by Kim Jin-Won and seems to be a mash-up of other films like Blair Witch Project, The Hills Run Red, John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns and The Grudge. As such it’s still an effective and entertaining supernatural chiller as Mi-jung obviously finds the film, Jae-Hyu and the horrible truths that come with them. The pretty, young filmmaker is then haunted by the specter of a dead actress that initially haunted Jae-Hyun and while it is the traditional Asian female ghost with long black hair, she is used effectively. In fact, that’s what helps make this film work as well as it does, is that Kim Jin-Won uses the familiar elements very effectively, as he does his haunted, abandoned movie theater setting where much of the film, especially it’s spooky third act, is set. There is also some violence and gore to go along with the spooky stuff and we are given a likable and driven heroine to root and fear for. Sure we’ve seen it all before, but a good director and a very good performance by leading lady Seo Ye-Ji make this Shudder streaming flick worth the economical 86 minute run time.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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