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Extremely dull supernatural horror finds seven college kids all traveling together on a ski trip to rural Massachusetts. A tired cliché finds the road blocked by an accident and these geniuses deciding to take a short cut on an old mountain road to their destination. They get into an accident, stranding them in the middle of woods, where witches have been rumored to have dwelled. Of course, things start to go bump in the night and there is possible possession and some bloodshed, as these millennials start to take each other out and dwindle in number. Are there witches in the woods, or are these kids just going crazy?

Flick is competently directed by Jordan Barker from a derivative and uninventive script by Christopher Borrelli. The film is not scary, not suspenseful and far too familiar to be remotely interesting. The supernatural elements are boring and nothing we haven’t seen before. There is also some soap opera level melodrama going on between the characters that borders on just stupid. Why would a girl who was sexually assaulted by members of the football team, go on a ski trip with members of the football team…especially when they are members who were there that night? Even when trying to be socially relevant, this flick misfires. The cast are all attractive yet dull and their characters are all stereotypes we’ve seen many times before. Only thing to recommend here is some really great cinematography by Martin Wojtunik of the Canadian locations, subbing for New England. Available on Amazon if you absolutely must.

-MonsterZero NJ



2 thoughts on “BARE BONES: WITCHES IN THE WOODS (2019)

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