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THE SHED (2019)

Flick opens with a man named Joe Bane (Frank Whaley) running from what appears to be a vampire (Damian Norfleet). He is saved by the rising sun, but not before being bitten. Now infected, he flees to a local house and hides from the rays of the sun within the shed. The house is occupied by teen Stan (Jay Jay Warren), who lives there with his abusive grandfather Ellis (Timothy Bottoms), after the death of his parents. Stan and his friend Dommer (Cody Kostro) are continual victims of school bully Marble (Chris Petrovski), but that is nothing compared to discovering he has a blood-thirsty monster in his own backyard. Trapping the creature inside the shed, Stan tries to figure out what to do, though the fed-up Dommer has some ideas of his own.

Flick is written and directed by Frank Sabatella and is an entertaining enough tale, though could have been a bit more clever with it’s premise. Having a bullied individual suddenly finding a monster at their disposal is nothing new, but The Shed is at least, smart enough to never have vampire Bane actually under the control of the boys and thus he is always a threat, even when Dommer decides to use a captured vampire to his advantage. The film also keeps Stan extremely reluctant to use the monster as a tool of revenge, so the teen stays a likable and sympathetic hero. The vampire scenes are effective, there is some decent gore and the final showdown is intense, as Bane finally gets out of the shed. The cast are good, even those playing stereotypical characters such as school bully and redneck cop (Siobhan Fallon Hogan), and who knew comedic actor Frank Whaley would make a spooky vampire. Sabatella treats the material seriously and with respect. So, even when it’s at it’s most cliché, the film never gets outright silly and thus entertains for the right reasons. Not a great movie, but an effective enough horror and Sabatella does show some potential with his camera work and ability to induce chills with a cliché story. Also stars Sofia Happonen as Stan’s girlfriend Roxy.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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