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Flick may be the first zombie Christmas musical ever, but, aside from that honor, it’s also quite fun. Story takes place at Christmas time and finds Anna (a delightful Ella Hunt), soon to graduate high school and dealing with things most girls her age deal with. Anna’s life, in the small town of Little Haven, is turned upside-down, however, as a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Now Anna and her dwindling number of friends must fight for survival with guts, determination…and song.

Film is directed by John McPhail from a script by Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenry, based on Henry’s Zombie Musical short film. It is surprisingly bloody and takes it’s zombie subject seriously, while also providing some laughs and quite a few catchy musical numbers. Star Ella Hunt is quite charming in the role of Anna and even when the tone darkens, as the zombie outbreak intensifies, Hunt’s Anna remains buoyant and hopeful…and so do we. A cute, fun movie that is both musical and comedy, yet remains a horror flick, too. Mixing genres isn’t easy and this flick does it right. Very entertaining.


1.”Christmas Means Nothing Without You”-Shonagh Murray

2.”Break Away”-Ella Hunt, Sarah Swire and Malcolm Cumming

3.”Hollywood Ending”-Cast from Anna and the Apocalypse

4.”The Fish Wrap”-Roddy Hart, Tommy Reilly and John McPhail

5.”It’s That Time of Year”-Marli Siu

6.”Turning My Life Around”-Ella Hunt and Malcolm Cumming

7.”Human Voice”-Cast from Anna and the Apocalypse

8.”Soldier at War”-Ben Wiggins

9.”Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”-Paul Kaye

10.”Give Them a Show”-Ella Hunt and Paul Kaye

11.”I Will Believe”-Ella Hunt and Mark Benton

12.”What a Time to Be Alive”-Ryan Joseph Burns

13.”What a Time to Be Alive (Orchestral Version)”-Cast from Anna and the Apocalypse


*as per wikipedia

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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