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High schooler Lily Colson (Odessa Young) lives in the small town of Salem in a modern age where everyone’s deepest and darkest secrets are stored digitally. When someone hacks into the town’s phones and computers and releases those secrets across the internet, the whole of Salem becomes unglued. Worse still, Lily, who is having an affair with a married older man (Joel McHale ), is blamed for the hack. The whole town is now out to kill her…literally! Can Lily and gal pals, Sarah (Suki Waterhouse), Em (Abra) and Bex (Hari Nef) keep their heads with a whole town wanting them dead…or has this town picked the wrong girls to take their anger out on?

Written and directed by Sam Levinson, Assassination Nation can be stylish and edgy fun, though it also tries a little too hard to be hip. It’s the type of film which has become all too common in the wake of Quentin Tarantino, mixing sarcastic humor with graphic violence and “going there” whenever possible. The little town of Salem is host for a new kind of witch hunt as everyone’s secrets from pedophilia, homosexuality and all sorts of sexual hi-jinx are bared for all to see and a young woman is wrongfully blamed for the purge. While it does overdo it a bit with trying to be hyper-stylized and cutting edge, it is also an amusing portrayal of the dangers of today’s society having to document everything they do, especially the naughty stuff. Sometimes secrets should be kept…well, secret. Definitely worth a look, especially for the second half when all hell breaks loose.

-MonsterZero NJ

3 star rating



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