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It’s Halloween🎃!…and as it has become tradition, it’s time to announce MonsterZero NJ’s Halloween Hottie of the Year!…an actress that has not only captured our hearts, but gotten our attention with a strong performance, be it as a final girl or a femme fatale!…
…and our Halloween Hottie of 2018 is…Nicole Muñoz!
This pretty, Canadian actress helped make Pyewacket one of this year’s best horrors with an impressive performance as emotionally troubled, teen Leah. Dealing with the loss of her father, Leah has turned to a more Gothic lifestyle with an interest in Death Metal and the occult. She is currently in conflict with her mother (Laurie Holden), who is dealing with her grief by removing everything that reminds her of her late husband. This conflict escalates to the point where a desperate Leah turns to an evil entity to kill her mother. Leah realizes too late that she has made a horrible mistake, as her summoning comes with a terrible cost and Pyewacket comes to collect. Muñoz skillfully portrays a very emotionally wounded teen who can’t turn to the one person she should be able to…her mother. She perfectly captures the anger and frustration of her situation. She then turns Leah’s anger into fright as the character realizes that one should be careful what they wish for.

(Click on the highlighted links or on the movie poster to read a review of, Pyewacket, the hit horror flick that stars Halloween Hottie of 2018, Nicole Muñoz!)


Nicole Muñoz as troubled teen, Leah!

Leah, a young girl with a lot on her mind.

Desperation leads Leah to conduct a ritual to summon an ancient evil.

Her actions come with a terrible price as a dark presence stalks her.

Has she realized her mistake too late?

Can anyone save Leah from what she’s called upon?

Nicole’s resume shows that not only has this TV and film actress been working since she was ten years-old, but has the versatility to play many different roles. She is also no stranger to horror with films like 2006’s The Tooth Fairy, 2013’s Scarecrow and now Pyewacket on her filmography. Whatever her next project is, we hope this talented young woman returns to our favorite genre soon!



Again this year it was so close that it’s more like a co-winner than a runner up. Compton gave us a strong woman to root for as she and her friends come under attack from zombie-like creatures in Feral. Compton’s Alice takes charge to protect her friends, including her lover, Jules (It Follows’ Olivia Luccardi). Alice is a fighter, but a compassionate one and it is this contrast between tough and tender that makes her so interesting and endearing. A woman coming out to her friends and then having to fight to protect them, it’s a very non-stereotype character portrayed very well by this horror flick veteran!

Scout Taylor-Compton as Alice!

This year was, again, a tough choice. Both these ladies were great in their roles and really brought it as their respective film’s lead!

halloween hottie 2014


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-MonsterZero NJ


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