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Demon House is a documentary from paranormal investigator Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) about a house in Gary, Indiana that is described by some as a portal to hell. After numerous paranormal incidents allegedly occurring there, Bagans actually bought the house himself and documented his time as the new owner. What we get are interviews with some involved, including police, relatives…actual haunting participants refused to be interviewed…and Bagans’ own crew. There are some cheesy recreations of supposed events and we get footage of Bagans and crew’s time in the house and the effect it supposedly has on them. Some of it is a bit spooky, but a lot of it feels a bit forced and it’s authenticity questionable. You’d think a house renown for demonic activity would put on more of a show when it’s on camera. Overall, it’s a somewhat entertaining documentary, especially the last night when Bagans has himself boarded up inside, all alone. There is some spooky stuff, but as a complete package, this documentary just doesn’t have us quite convinced that this isn’t more hype than haunt.

2 and 1-2 star rating



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